Looking for a stairlift that can accommodate your staircase’s angle changes, bends, or turns? Look no further than the Bruno Elite Curve. This top-of-the-line stairlift offers unbeatable quality, safety, and comfort, thanks to its custom-engineered steel track, which is handcrafted by expert welders to fit your staircase perfectly. With the Bruno Elite Curve, you’ll enjoy a smooth, luxurious ride around every turn, ensuring that you can stay mobile and independent in your own home. Choose the Bruno Elite Curve for a stairlift that truly delivers on its promises.

bruno strair lift swivel at top

Swivel at top

bruno footer safety sensor

Foot rest safety

bruno elite 400LB weight capacity

Ground level

bruno elite custom curve

Chair in middle

elite curve natural rail

Natural overhang

Product highlights from Bruno: 

  • Top-Of-Line Quality: Adjustable heights for chair and footrest, and space between armrests, for optimal comfort.
  • Handcrafted Rail: Custom-made vertical rail delivers precision fit to maximize open space and provide sturdy base for ultra-smooth ride. Covered gear rack gives a clean appearance.
  • Easy-To-Use Operation: Armrest control moves stairlift up and down. Two wireless remote controls are also included. Arms, seat and footrest can fold when not in use to save extra space.
  • Integrated Safety: Seat swivels up to 90° at top of stairs for safe exit. Obstruction sensors and a retractable seat belt further ensure rider safety.
  • Dependable Service: Continuously-charging batteries power stair lift even in a power outage.

Available Upgrade Options:

  • Explore ground level or top-level park positions.
  • Power Folding Footrest
  • Extra Wide Footrest
  • Extra Wide Seat
  • Upgraded fabric color selection.
  • Power Swivel
  • 4 Point Harness
  • Commercial Package Available

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