The following are some of the frequently asked questions in regard to home elevators. In case you have any other question(s), don’t hesitate to give us a call on (214) 763-9060.

How often do elevators need to be inspected?

To ensure safety and comply with standards in Texas or any other state, Elevators need to undergo regular inspection. Inspection can either be routine, periodic or special in cases where an elevator needs repair or modifications.

How much do residential elevators cost?

A home elevator can cost up to $100, 000. The price varies depending with the size, capacity and the required modification. To get an elevator quotation from us, kindly call us on (214) 763-9060.

How reliable are home elevators?

The reliability of a home elevator depends on the quality, installation craftsmanship, maintenance as well as user responsibly.

What are the most quite home elevators?

There are several factor that determine the quietness of a home elevator: design, installation and components used. However, the following types of elevators are quite than others.

  1. Hydraulic elevators with noise reduction customization.
  2. Gear-less traction elevators.

What is the weight limit for home elevators?

Home elevators weight limit vary depending with elevator size, model and installation. Feel free to contact us to inquire on the appropriate weight capacity in line with your needs.