Pollock Lifts

The Pollock through floor elevator is a self-contained, shaftless elevator that smoothly & quietly travels through a floor cut-out. With no hoistway required, you’ll save on construction costs, making this an affordable alternative to the traditional home elevator.

Manufacturer of home lifts and residential elevators for over 35 years, Pollock Lifts new shaftless residential elevator is available in 3 different sizes.

  • Compact – The smaller single person residential elevator.
  • Twin – Still compact and attractive but is a two-rider residential lift.
  • Wheelchair – The innovative lift that helps wheelchair users live independently at home.

The standard model is a self-contained elevator including a traction drive system complete with soft start /stop features. The elevator is quiet and even has a 507lb. capacity. Should you ever need emergency lowering the system located beside the lift for easy access.

One of the features unique to Pollock Lifts is the diagnostic messaging wireless remote control. With a clean design, the lift rails are tight to the rear wall. This means when the lift is not in the room or disappears to the opposite floor you can also enjoy all of your living space!

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